Hi / Salut / Ain / Kwei / Bounjour!

That’s a lot of ways to greet you welcome, and here is why:

English: the first language I learned and, I expect, the one I will most likely (but not exclusively) write down my impressions here.
French: my first language of instruction (thanks Bill 22), my French ancestry and the official language of Québec,
Inuktitut: the language of Qiqiqtaaluk Inuit, where I spent my formative years and what I consider the most important time of my life,
Kwei (also Kway, Kwe): in recognition of my Attignawantan (Huron-Wendat), Abenaki and Atikamekw ancestry,
Michif: also Joual, the reason why I’m starting this blog.

I do so to in recognition of all the parts that make the sum of me, and because it directly links to the reason of this blog.

I’m neither a writer nor a scholar – so please forgive me if this isn’t perfectly formatted or doesn’t have proper Introduction, methods and discussion and conclusion! As I’m quickly approaching the half-century mark, I wanted a space to write down some of my narrative and the questions I have as I attempt to reclaim my Indigenous identity.

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