Artwork Acknowledgements

I’m new to this website creation and I have tried many ways to show acknowledgements of the artwork I use on this site. I feel it is important, so I am doing it  here, as a blog post.


The Header is by Henri Beaulac. Born in Trois-Rivières, Mauricie, Québec in 1914, Beaulac was part of the rising of linoleum print art. These are from his series called Métis and are, in order, le gigueur, la courtepointe, et l’accordéon. I have only been able to find l’accordéon and I am actively looking to find the others to add to my collection.

DECOLONIZIING MY Métis identity and what it all means for me and for future generations. // Je DÉCOLONISE MON identité Métisse pour moi et pour mes descendants

My profile picture is scanned from an original piece by Alexander Angnaluak, a young and very talented student at First Nations University of Canada in Saskatchewan. I fell in love with this piece of art and it hangs in my living room. The sash was added using a widget that was offered by – I think – the Gabriel Dumont Institute.


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