Primer to negate the “Other” #Métis across Canada, especially those in #Ontario


By Prof. Sebastien Malette 

Qallunette asked Dr. Malette what would be the best primer to negate the existence of other Metis, outside Red River. Of course, Dr. Malette is known to be a advocate for the recognition of Métis multiple identities, as per case law and our histories. His answer with an ironic twist was the following :

1) Adopt and promote a highly abstract and monological nationalist narrative.

2) Instead of working toward the betterment of your immediate community, start picking on remote communities you know nothing of, for example the Great Lakes communities or as East as you can.

3) Get online and find similar individuals to bully in pack anyone who might challenge your views. Call them “white,” fakes, only-mixed, French, dangerous to First Nations, or mere opportunists. Find yourself a few champion-bloggers to do so, even better.

4) As you do this, challenge their oral traditions as lies, and claim they have no evidence to back it up. Don’t worry: this is not rude.

5) When evidence are presented, because you called for them, claim they only pertain to racial characterisations, and load this with an equally abstract notion of national “collective consciousness” they would miss anyway.

6) This is important: police people’s Indigeneity on that metaphysical basis, and look as offended as you can: anger gives you a glow of purity and a ring of authenticity. Again, call them ignorant, mislead or fraud. This will rally many bystanders, as you are obviously the victim of all this.

7) Don’t worry about hurting people in the process and endangering vulnerable communities and complex kinship network, which may have managed to survive until here. Keep telling yourself that you are saving your nation (and never explain why these communities are a real danger to the nation, just claim it).

8) Dismiss the accusations that might hurt you, like accusations of lateral violence, or the fact per evidence that even historical leaders would have condemn your views. How? Well, again, just by saying so. Or call it de-contextualisation of evidence, it often works beautifully to dismiss. Remember: the goal here is to conflate all possible ethnogenesis with one single nationalist narration, yours, don’t forget.

9) As you are getting pressed by harder questions/issues, just go more violently by using ever-refined ad hominem rhetoric. Remember: focus on attacking people, and drama. And stay angry: this gives you an extra glow of legitimacy.

10) Do all over again, moving from one alien community to the next. Until you achieve domination over the matter.